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Human Feelings as Drugs

It would be really cool to have a movie about this in a world where the government distributes these to people, and at first glance everything is fine, people with depression and antisocial disorder are being instantly treated and that’s great. But then you realize that there are groups of people abusing these drugs underground, like there will be people on happy all the time, people that use hope to delude themselves, or people that drug other people with love, and that true human emotions have been nearly wiped out. Then at the end it’s discovered that the government is using these drugs to control society and manipulate people into becoming soldiers by taking away their empathy and filling them up with trust for the government. So it ends in an uprising led by a resistance group who lead the people to realize that their humanity has been stripped and doesn’t come in a bottle.

Sometimes Tumblr comes up with better movie/book/show premises than the ones being dished out.

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Justifier Presents “The Warblers Megamix”

While recently perusing the Sent section of my e-mail I came across this little lost and forgotten gem. I was working on it in 2012 to release to the world and Gleeks alike on November 9th in honor of when we first met The Warblers and when Kurt met Blaine at Dalton Academy but other projects took priority, this project got lost in the mix (no pun intended) and I had all but forgotten about it.

I wish I had the original work files to complete this track to the glory I know it could have become, but instead I decided to share it in the exact form it last took: a demo sent to a fellow Gleek for feedback. Recreating all the music I produced for this megamix would be next to impossible for me to do now! :P

The version presented here fades in just about a quarter of the way into where the full Megamix would have been (starting with “Teenage Dream” of course and going into “When I Get You Alone” and “Misery”). It contains the end of “Bills, Bills, Bills”, “Hey Soul Sister”, “Silly Love Songs” and “Raise Your Glass”

FUN FACT: I actually considered just doing a full remix of “Silly Love Songs” alone and that’s what eventually led to the megamix.

Before you ask, I cannot enable downloads of this track. I don’t want to ruffle any feathers over at Fox, Sony or with any other people, parties and entities involved with the original versions. Thank your for understanding and I’m sorry!


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